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Q. Why is it important to recycle?

A. Americans generate four pounds of trash per person per day. All of our trash goes to a landfill. Items such as paper, plastic bottles and metal cans should be recycled and turned into new items. Metal and plastic may lay in a landfill for 500 years before they break down and decompose. Glass never decomposes but is 100% recyclable. Paper and cardboard can be recycled up seven times and saves trees. Trees are important to provide us with food, oxygen and shade.

Q. What can be recycled?

A. In Jackson County we recycle plastic bottles and jugs, paper and cardboard, steel and aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, cartons, plastic tubs and fast food plastic and paper cups.

Q. What cannot be recycled?

A. Laminated paper, toys or plastic housewares, margarine, cottage cheese and yogurt containers, coat hangers, textiles, Styrofoam, candle jars, ceramic objects

Q. Why can’t we recycle everything other communities recycle?

A. Recycling is dependent on markets that are available to buy and process certain products. If there isn’t a market available nearby, the item is considered non-recyclable and isn’t collected in our communities.

Q. Can I have my recycling picked up at my house?

A. Residents of Seymour, Brownstown and Crothersville have curbside recycling as part of their trash service. Residents of the remainder of the county can call Rumpke at 800-678-6753 to make arrangements for curbside recycling service.

Q. What happens to the items I put in my recycling bin?

A. The cardboard is baled and shipped to a paper recycling plant. New boxes are created from the old cardboard. Paper is sent to a paper mill and turned into new paper products such as writing paper, newspaper and lightweight cardboard boxes. Metal cans will be melted and used to make new cans, building materials, car or automobile parts. Glass bottles will be melted down and turned into new glass bottles. Interesting fact: Color cannot be removed from glass. Brown glass will always be brown glass. Green glass will always be green. Clear glass can be recycled into clear glass or color added to make it another color. Plastic bottles can be made into lots of plastic products and containers, including planters, playground equipment, recycling bins, carpet, lawn furniture and toys. Cartons will be recycled into new paper products such as egg cartons and coffee cups.

Q. Can pizza boxes be recycled?

A. Yes if the cardboard is clean and free of grease and food residue. Be sure to empty the contents of the box (crusts, peppers, dip containers) before placing it in the recycling bin.

Q. What percentage of our trash gets recycled?

A. The United States has a recycling rate of 34%. Indiana’s rate is 17%. We have a lot of work to do!